Feb 29

A Fool-Proof Formula to Easily Manage Your Craft Beer Sales

Managing your craft beer sales and marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. But, you do need to be smart about your strategy so you can make the most of your craft beer market share.

Consider how the top craft brands are reaching new growth goals this year, like Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery, which is poised to distribute across all 50 states by mid-2016 thanks to its aggressive distribution plan. Similarly, Michigan-based Bell’s Brewery has recently expanded its distribution footprint across the Midwest and South. Seattle-born Fremont Brewing has taken the slightly different — yet still successful — approach of “going deep rather than wide.” That is, they have increased their production facilities but have not expanded their geographic footprint much beyond the Pacific Northwest.

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Feb 22

5 Tips to Differentiate Your Craft Beer Brand and Overcome Sales Challenges

As a craft beer brand, you frequently encounter a number of challenges — accessing quality ingredients, handling problems with distribution, reaching your sales goals, etc. But most important, perhaps, is the challenge to differentiate your brand and get ahead of competitors, all while staying authentic to what makes you you. Big beer brands means big advertising budgets and resources to launch nationwide campaigns — but as a craft brewery, what you have is your story. And that is what lets you stand out from the competition.

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Feb 15

Insights to Grow Your Craft Beer Market Share That You Probably Don’t Know About

Do you ever feel burnt out trying to determine what’s next for your craft beer brand? To say that you’re busy is an understatement when you’re focused on growth, how to get your fair share of time in front of wholesalers, and how to learn what’s really driving sales. Many craft beer sales leaders often ask themselves: What markets should my brand expand to? How do I achieve growth and sales goals? What sales strategy do I need to define for my brand to make the most of the sales data I have available?

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Feb 8

Why Investing in Technology Will Be Key to Selling and Marketing Craft Beer

In the digital world, the right tools can give your brand advantages over competitors you never dreamed possible. With that in mind, it’s vital that you “future-proof” your business, ensuring your brand will stay relevant far down the road.

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Jan 30

The 5 Most Common Growing Pains in Craft Beer Marketing and Sales

Common_Pains_Craft_Beer_Sales.pngCommon pains of craft beer sales 

It’s an exciting time for craft brewers — Founder’s is adding a new building to its Grand Rapids location, Oskar Blues is opening a brewery and taproom music venue in Austin, and California-based Stone and Sierra Nevada breweries partnered to release a collaborative beer called NxS IPA in December.

It’s obvious craft beer is reaching a point of growth the beer industry may have never anticipated, especially as brands like these gain notoriety and build more revenue every day. For breweries that haven’t reached their full growth potential, it has become clear that making a good name for their brands isn’t enough to scale.

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